Command line aliases

If you find yourself typing the same long strings in command line everyday, chances are that you’ll benefit from making some aliases, or shortcuts. To do so, go to your home directory and look for a file called .bash_profile. Open it using your favorite text editor and add an alias using the following format:

alias gla='git config --get-regexp alias | sort'

This handy alias just prints out a list of my Git aliases. An alias for an alias!

You can also set longer functions to perform a sequence of commands. Below, I’ve created an alias to leggo that will set up the servers I need at my job to work on localhost and run tests. I also have tab aliased to open up a new tab in my iTerm, which is a SUPER handy function. I chose not to display it because it’s long, but if you want to use it yourself, you can find it here.

alias redis='redis-server'
alias pgstart='postgres -D /usr/local/var/postgres'

function leggo {
  tab pgstart
  tab redis
  tab rails s
  tab sidekiq

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